See the sea in the sky

Amidst the stillness of the world...

halted by the Covid19 outbreak, I embarked on a photographic journey titled 'See the sea in the Sky,' capturing the transformative essence of the sea through dramatic black-and-white images. From calm waves to tumultuous seas, the series reflects the contrasting emotions of peace and unrest, power and powerlessness, infinity and finiteness experienced during the pandemic."


As we navigated the challenges of quarantine, my perspective expanded when I volunteered in psychiatry, gaining insight into the lives of residents facing perpetual limitations. While our isolation is temporary, for those in psychiatry, it's a constant reality—trapped in their minds and bodies, reminiscent of dragging concrete. This series invites contemplation on the parallel worlds we inhabit and the stark differences in our perceptions of reality."

In delving into the minds of those in psychiatry, I ponder the intricate complexities within their drug-addled heads. Do they share the same experiences of peace and turmoil? Do they dream of a future, dwell in the present, or linger in the past? 'See the sea in the Sky' is a tribute to those confined to their thoughts, unable to travel physically, yet hopefully finding solace in the warmth of companionship and the beauty of nature that persists around them, revealed in clearer moments."

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